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Century aloes, lane 2017, sweet friend meeting held in Shanghai, the second stop

Date: 2017-04-24

On April 22, brand of domestic a gleam of aloes, Chen xiang fang "" century's national tour sweet friend meeting held in Shanghai tong MAO hotel, the second stop.The sweet friend meeting on the first day, a total of more than hundreds of aloes fans took part in the meeting, the century bring hundreds of high-quality goods of aloes aloes lane.It is reported, this sweet friend meeting will continue until the end of April 23rd in the evening, interested in aloes friends can go to the meeting site visit to taste sweet.

Hundreds of aloes debut in Shanghai

Since 2014, century aloes fang came to Shanghai, sweet friend meeting every year, this year is the fourth year in a row.Past sweet friend meeting although there are a large number of high-quality goods display, but the size is really unprecedented, unusually rare chi nan hand string, green treasures were on display, such as chi nan raw material all adopt water containers of crystal display, sophisticated atmosphere.

Field staff told reporters that the sweet friend meeting, century aloes fang from anhui headquarters has brought hundreds of aloes, each piece of aloes are hand-picked by us., including rare was nan, and other heavy water level of aloes.On the category of aloes, the preparation is complete, aloes, raw material, hand, carved pieces, there are also used as aloes fragrance joss stick, aloes, powder, etc.All kinds of classic production areas, such as Vietnam, rich of nha trang, clay, and dry dara is also readily available.Believe that will make aloes lovers linger.

Every one came to sweet friend meeting of aloes lovers, as long as the official Chen xiang fang WeChat sign in scanning century, can get a joss stick suit for free.Through product smell like nuances of aloes joss stick, to experience the charm of aloes.At the same time, the Chen xiang fang will also provide small lovers aloes aloes knowledge manual, helping them learn knowledge of aloes, discern between true and false aloes.For aloes aloes, fans interested in century aloes workshop staff will carefully explain.If there are foreign to Chen xiang fan, century aloes fang can also help him booking hotel.

Sweet friend: finally seen true aloes

Century Chen xiang fang sincerity is to obtain the recognition of Shanghai sweet friends.In 22, one day, there are hundreds of aloes lovers sweet friend meeting, there is no lack of among them have been purchased from company aloes, old friend.Seldom come into contact with the aloes before, of course, a lot of friends, with the curiosity of aloes also attended the meeting.

Sweet friend Mr Wu says, oneself like aloes, know that it is precious fragrance ingredient and medicine since ancient times.Sweet friend meeting on display this time very much, very full of aloes, wu was very rare, is a very good chance of a comprehensive understanding of aloes.Like Mr Nan is hard to be able to meet the usual aloes, high-quality goods, this will also be able to view, wu think it's worth it.Chen xiang wen wan, quietly elegant is the advantage of not blunt nose;And taste rich variety, good aloes have a combination of two or three kind of fragrance, even in the process of product incense, aloes fragrance will also change over time, administrative levels feeling is very rich.Every product smell of aloes, can feel their mind to quiet down, being out in the numerous and complicated life trivia.Long after taste sweet, their insomnia also eased, feel is good health.