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Shanghai Qingpu on the pounds "hot dead fish" was thrown into the river

Date: 2013-07-31

According to the Youth Daily, recently sustained hot temperature, resulting in several hundred pounds of fish in the pond every day a large number of deaths. Recently, Qingpu District Kanazawa town some dead fish aquaculture farmers will be thrown into public watercourses directly on the environment and public health and security. Yesterday, the water sector has been salvaged dead fish, and aquaculture farmers to educate them.

Roadside horizons

Hundreds of pounds of dead fish thrown into the river

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Jiang Town, Qingpu District, passing Village, from State Road 318 (Huqingping) into Dafeng Road shortly after he lunged head a thick stench. The roadside river, floating several hundreds of pounds weight of dead fish, not far away, there are three people driving a cement boat in the salvage of dead fish, dead fish with bow piled on the pounds.

The river where the dead fish come from? Mr. Jiang found that the river fish ponds, floating layer of dead fish, there is a peasant woman is using the dip net salvage of dead fish floating near shore, and then thrown into a river embankment across the public. Soon, dead fish ponds have been transferred to the public watercourses.

He walked along the Grand Village of the river all the way to walk, find dead fish floating everywhere in Hanoi, large weighing several pounds, only twelve small double. And near the river, it is dotted with ponds.

Mr. Jiang immediately call 110 to reflect the situation, Kanazawa town police station and social security team rushed to the scene after the alarm quickly disposed of by car. It turned out that there are a lot of big Village aquaculture ponds, hot days of losses to many farmers. The ponds on farmers contracted by 30 acres of fish ponds, recently a few hundred pounds every day, "bruise" dead, dead fish farmers directly thrown into the river.

For farmers will directly dead fish thrown into the river's behavior, police said the police will contact the village cadres, village cadres please aquaculture farmers to work reasonably large number of dead aquatic disposal to protect the river environment.

"Nowadays continuous high temperature to Shanghai Rural aquaculture farmers resulting loss is not small, but if the dead are not timely, scientific disposal, and the surrounding environment will undoubtedly pose a serious threat to public health." Mr. Jiang hopes to strengthen the agricultural sector for farming households technical guidance, scientific response to extreme weather, farmers reduce losses; county water supply, environmental protection and other departments should intensify inspections and supervision, to ensure safe water source.

Tracing asked at the end

Department of hyperthermia-induced large area of dead fish

For last week's event will be dead fish thrown into public watercourses, Dafeng farms leader Liu Kelin told reporters that they have asked farmers digging for buried or fed these dead fish turtle to eat, but some fishermen sake of convenience thrown directly public watercourses. Last week, the town water sector has come to check it out and salvage of dead fish, they will also enhance the education of farmers.

According to him, farms and farmers under the jurisdiction of more than 30 households, a total of 800 acres of fish ponds in farming mostly herring. Since July last hot days, the pond oxygen depletion, fish enteritis, gill and other fish disease-prone, the average acre pond dead fish up to 50 pounds a day, one day loss Dafeng fish farms jin. Many farmers fished every day more than 100 dead fish.

"This figure is much higher than usual, under normal circumstances, a dozen dead fish pond one day more than last summer a lot higher." Liu Kelin told reporters that the general run of about 150 acre ponds herring, a fish pond of about 3000 bar, winter harvest at 90-95% is normal.

Experts say

Aquaculture ponds has issued technical measures

Fishery Technical Extension Station of Shanghai Shi Jianhua told reporters, high body temperature is higher Tianshui, poor water quality, eutrophication oxygen scarce indeed easily lead to an increased probability of fish kills. But now the city has not found a similar overall mortality of fish ponds, Dafeng this world belongs to high temperature mismanagement. In fact, as early as the dawn of the high temperature, they have issued the breeding ponds of various technical measures. Reasonable requirements of farmers feeding fertilization, maintaining high water levels and water quality is good, and insisted Xuntang positive prevention, to prevent high temperature oxygen mass death of fish.

Shanghai Fisheries Industry Association Fanshou Lin told reporters that since 2009, Shanghai for many years to promote a system of quasi aquaculture, aquaculture advocate standardization, integrity breeding, improved farming techniques, in recent years, has a total area of more than a dozen acres of fish ponds promotion, approximately the city accounted for 60% of the area of fish ponds.