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December 1 will be fully implemented from Shanghai, "Shanghai V" gasoline

Date: 2013-07-31

December 1, Shanghai will supply all the gas stations, "Shanghai V" standard gasoline. When the Shanghai motor gasoline grades will become 89, 92 and 95, three grades, corresponding to the current market No. 90, 93 and 97.

Vehicle fuel sulfur content is an iconic standard environmental indicators, the current implementation of the "Shanghai IV" standard gasoline and diesel sulfur content of 50ppm or less, and the imminent launch of the "Shanghai V" standard gasoline sulfur content below 10ppm.

Testing authority that the vehicle using the "Shanghai V" standard oil can reduce emissions 15 percent, especially nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons saving effect is obvious, PM2.5 is also synchronized cuts.

July 26, Shanghai Municipal Commission by letter of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision Organization, prices, environmental protection, oil production and oil supply unit working conference convened. Work on the next phase of the oil meeting the deployment and OK.

According to the plan, September 1 onwards, Shanghai, the oil production unit shall produce "Shanghai V" standard gasoline and oil replacement work carried out. At the same time, the inner ring will also pilot supply "of Shanghai V" standard gasoline, when the inner ring will have 2-3 stations Supply "Shanghai V" standard gasoline, some car owners will also be expected to take the lead early adopters.

The December 1, Shanghai will supply all the gas stations, "Shanghai V" standard gasoline. "During this period, such as the 'national V' gasoline standards promulgated, will be the full implementation of the 'national V'." Relevant responsible person said.

For the furtherance of the work schedule, the Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision quick project, separately for "Gasoline" standard revision project for comments. Deputy Secretary for Quality Supervision, Shanghai Shen Weimin said that the standard was approved and promulgated on July 16, will be held September 1 officially implemented.

Previously, some car owners reflect, use the "Shanghai IV" standard gasoline and diesel vehicles jitter occurs, accelerated fatigue failure even lit lights. Well, the upcoming launch of the "Shanghai V" standard gasoline will not encounter the same problem?

In this regard, Shanghai quality supervision department, said the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau in the organization and coordination of Pollution Prevention Division, led by the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center, a number of units jointly launched the "Shanghai country five standard oil and vehicle adaptation test work . "

As of May this year, a specific model using the "Shanghai V" standard oil have been carried out 160,000 km stage durable driving, no engine system malfunction.

In drivability subjective feelings, the various models of subjective discomfort caused no obvious abnormalities idle (higher / lower volatility, instability), with exceptions (tempering, blasting, knock, flameout, surge, shock), acceleration and deceleration Exception (hysteresis, hesitation) and so on.

Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said that in the "Shanghai V" standard gasoline officially put into use, will continue to carry out car adapter work.

According to informed sources, "Shanghai V" or the price of gasoline with the current gasoline and diesel prices remain the same.