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Shanghai into Andy 2013 world tour's first stop over 60,000 tickets sold out

Date: 2013-07-31

September 11 to 14, a series of four nights, Andy Benz Cultural Center will be opened in Shanghai, "2013 ALWAYS world tour," the curtain, because the first time ever this year, Andy's first stop of the world tour moved from Hong Kong to Shanghai, from all directions Chungto divide up the fans soon four performances over 60,000 tickets, Mercedes-Benz also hit a cultural center since its opening concert record the highest number of Theatrical.

Was first selected as the world's first stop in Shanghai, Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center Coliseum compared to the Hong Kong Red ÓŹ≠ much larger body mass, can be counted as a touring version of the aircraft carrier, the tour round in all venues Andy is also "no gianttyrants "level.Therefore, it also gives Andy build the biggest ever surrounded Taiwan provides a hardware foundation.

2011 of the "Rolling Stones 30" Shanghai is the Mercedes-Benz Center concert by far the most successful one show, and the first half of this year, "dancing and singing idol," Luo's concert, fans had the honor to experience a hand can "touch" toidol of the heart.According to organizers, the Andy Shanghai concert will also be surrounded by Taiwan unprecedented big production, will be fully occupy the entire infield area, to meet Andy and the audience stands up close interaction requirements.However, the organizers still remind all front row tickets purchased must be rational fans Starchaser, not because of the distance near and make some moves too excited effects artist on stage performances, to be truly "Civilization speech".

2010, Andy debut 30 years anniversary concert in Hong Kong Coliseum has a record 20 consecutive games, and every game hot record.By comparison, the Shanghai Benz Cultural Center of four performances seem surprising, but in fact it has been a challenge in the Chinese mainland Andy highest grossing.Four consecutive expected audience will be more than 60,000 people, far higher than in previous years, Andy Lau in Shanghai Stadium record attendance of more than forty thousand.Moreover, while Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center in the past, have had Faye Wong, Jacky Cheung, "even played" five games, but the former choice is even spell few weekends, the latter choice is New Year's holidays, by contrast,Andy's choice of September 11 - September 14, 2011, the first three games will encounter traditional concert not selected day, for it is also a challenge in terms of Andy.And the total number of people from the audience speaking, Andy's four field accumulated over 60,000 fans will far surpass ago by Faye Wong, Jacky Cheung's five games as well as the cumulative 50,000 "Rolling Stone 30" 3 games 5 million records, the undisputedMercedes-Benz to become the number of concerts and cultural center of the king.(Reporter Li Jiajie)